Dated: 1 July 2020.

Thank you for using, its products, services, and functionalities (henceforward described as ‘Service’).

Our Service

With our Service, you can draw and/or write (personal) messages on virtual kudo cards. These cards can be downloaded from our website. After you have downloaded a card you can post it anywhere you want, on- and/or offline.

Provider of the Service

The entity that offers the Service is VI Company B.V. located at Stationsplein 45, unit A4.194 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


These conditions apply to your usage of our Service. Please read this agreement carefully, and make sure you understand its content. If you do not understand its content or do not agree with (a part of) it, you are not allowed to use the Service.

Content & Service

User-created content can be provided to, and distributed with, our Service. is a provider of hosting services for such content. The person or entity that provides the content to the Service, is the one who is responsible for this content. If you come across content that violates this agreement, e.g. by the conditions set in this disclaimer, or by breaking the law, please let us know.

Commercial usage

Share-Kudos cards are for personal non-commercial usage only; to show appreciation to friends, family, co-workers, etc.

Without our explicit permission it's not allowed to sell, market or advertise Share-Kudos cards in any shape or form; in their original state, altered and/or with user-created content. If you are interested in selling, marketing or advertising Share-Kudos cards please contact us at

Your information

We do not stored or record any personal information from our users.

Rights & Limitations

You have access to this Service and are allowed to use it, as long as you do not violate this agreement or the law.

Uploading content

You can upload content to our Service. You are allowed to use your own content to promote your company and/or business. If you choose to create content using our Service it cannot be content that violates this agreement or the law. Your content cannot contain intellectual properties of a third party (e.g. copyrighted material), unless you have the third party’s explicit permission, or are in some way entitled to use it. You are legally responsible for any content you created by using our Service.

Removal of your content

Your content will be automatically removed from our Service, once you close your session. No user-created cards will be stored or recorded in any form.

Copyright Protection

If you think your or someone else’s copyright has been violated, please let us know by contacting us via

Terminating the use of Service

You can stop using our Service at any moment of your choosing.


We provide this Service with care and professional competence.

Liability and connected entities are not liable for content created by users that violate this agreement. This includes the content that breaks laws, offends people and/or groups, spreads fake news, or is in any way illegal.

Links to third-party websites and/or online services

Our Services can contain links to websites of third parties, and/or other online services, that are not the property of Therefore has no control whatsoever, and accepts no liability, for these third-party websites and/or online services.

Whenever you leave our Service through one of these links we advise you to read the terms and conditions that apply on those websites and/or online services.

Changes in this Disclaimer

At any time, we can change this Disclaimer for example to represent changes in our Service or to comply with changing laws and/or regulations.

Applicable law

If you live in the European Union or Switzerland, this Agreement, and your relationship with under this Agreement, will be governed by the laws of your country of residence and legal proceedings may be brought before your local courts.